Mar 5, 2024

$9.9 million jackpot winner keeps playing the odds – with even more luck!

Gregg M. of Lakewood won $5,035 on Lucky For Life! Gregg plays various Lottery games daily and has won large prizes many times, including an astonishing $9.9 million win on Colorado Lotto+ in 2016! Even though this is far from his biggest win ever, Gregg was still thrilled at his win and happy to pose for our cameras once again! Gregg purchased his winning ticket at his lucky store: the 7-Eleven at 9200 W. Alameda in Lakewood. Gregg is self-employed and isn’t sure how he’ll spend his winnings this time. Congratulations, Gregg!


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Gregg M. holding an oversized check for $5,035 in front of Colorado Lottery background
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