Every day criminals and con artists find new ways to scam people out of their money. The best way to protect yourself is to be informed.

Be Alert When You Play

The only lottery that is legally authorized to operate in Colorado is the Colorado Lottery.

ONLY buy Lottery tickets from authorized Colorado retailers.

Double check your purchase and make sure that the retail clerk has given you what you’ve asked for.

Immediately sign your name on the back of your ticket(s). The signature on the back determines ownership.

If you purchase a Scratch ticket, make sure the play area on the front of the ticket has not been previously scratched. If the ticket appears to have been tampered with, contact Colorado Lottery Criminal Investigations unit at 800.999.2959.

Use the self-check Scratch ticket checkers available at many retail locations before handing it over to a clerk for redemption. The checker will tell you how much your winnings are so that you can make sure that you’re paid correctly. Check the Colorado Lottery’s website for Jackpot games’ winning numbers and payout amounts before you redeem at a store.

Ask to see the cash receipt for your winning tickets. You can’t keep the receipt, but it’ll tell you how much you’ve won so you can be sure that you’re receiving the correct prize amount.

Colorado terminals are programmed to announce when a Lottery ticket is a winner. Listen for the message when you’re redeeming your tickets.

Some Scratch games offer second-chance drawings online for non-winning instant tickets. Check your ticket to see if it offers one.

If you suspect a retailer is not paying out prizes correctly, contact the Colorado Lottery’s Criminal Investigations Unit at 800.999.2959.

Don’t Be a Victim of SCAMS

Never redeem a lottery ticket for someone that you don’t know.

Only participate in a “lottery pool” with people you know and trust.

Never accept collect phone calls from someone claiming to be a Lottery official. Legitimate lotteries will not call you collect!

Undocumented aliens are permitted to claim their own Colorado Lottery prizes.

Never purchase tickets from foreign lotteries by phone, mail or the Internet. The sale and trafficking in foreign lottery tickets is a violation of federal criminal law.

If you receive a notice saying that you’re a drawing winner for a drawing that you never entered, be suspicious.

Never pay processing, insurance or commissions to claim or receive a prize. Legitimate lotteries do not require winners to pay anything up front to collect a prize.

Never reveal your personal, credit card and bank account numbers to anyone claiming you’ve won a prize.

If a large check appears from an unknown person, do not cash it. Obtain advice from your financial institution.

Do not wire money abroad as part of a lottery transaction.

Be suspicious about letters that request that you keep your award confidential for security or other reasons.

It is illegal for Colorado Lottery retailers to charge a fee to cash a winning Lottery ticket. Contact our Investigations Unit immediately at 800.999.2959 to report.