Convenience at Your Fingertips

Do you hate standing in long lines or having to interact with people when you're just not in the mood? We've got a solution for that! Try purchasing your favorite Lottery games using our vending machine. So whether you're purchasing Scratch games, or buying Jackpot games using the Quick Pick option or choosing your own lucky numbers, it's quick and easy. 

How to Play 

The most important thing for you to remember when using the vending machine is that it does not give change, so be sure to insert the correct amount of money for your purchase into the cash receptacle. It will accept up to $100. Once your cash is accepted, you can buy Jackpot games with the Quick Pick option by choosing your favorite game and pressing one of the purchase options on the top of the machine. Or, if you prefer to use a playslip, simply complete it, and insert it into the recepticle beneath the cash receptor and keyboard entry. If Scratch is your game, simply press the button for the game that you want to play, and it will be issued. TaDaaaa! So easy. 

It can also check your previously bought tickets and tell you if they're winners or not. If they're winners, you can opt to apply the winnings as credit on the machine (up to $100) to make another purchase. If you decide to apply your winnings as a credit, it will be for the full amount of the winnings. Remember, whatever you put on the machine, you have to spend. The machine will tell you the amount of the win so you can decide whether to apply it all to credits, or whether to take it to the retailer to cash it in.