Serving Colorado

It is the Lottery's mission to create and sell Lottery games of chance that are held to the highest standards of integrity, entertainment and efficiency, in order to maximize proceeds for the people of Colorado. Over the past 40 years, we are proud that more than $4 billion has been returned to Colorado for parks, recreation, open space, wildlife projects and public school construction. It is the support of our valued players and committed retailer partners that enables us to further enhance our most valuable natural resource — the great outdoors.

Where Does the Money Go?

We're Self-Funded

The Colorado Lottery is designated as an enterprise fund. This means that we don't receive any tax money from the state's General Fund to support our business operations. All of our expenses– salaries, infrastructure, retailer commissions, and prizes – are paid from the sale of our products.

Colorado's Outdoor Principles

The Colorado Lottery is proud to support Colorado's Outdoor Principles that have been recognized by the Colorado Outdoor Partnership (CO-OP).