Representing Our Constituents

Tom Seaver, Director

A Representative Body

The Commission is composed of five members who are appointed by the Governor with the consent and approval of the Colorado Senate. At least one member of the Commission must have been a law enforcement officer for at least five years; one member must have been a Colorado practicing attorney for at least five years; and at least one member must be a certified public accountant who practiced accountancy in Colorado for at least five years.


The Colorado Lottery Commission plays an important role in the oversight and governance of the Colorado Lottery and in fulfilling their fiduciary duties with regards to all Lottery games operated by the Lottery. Its mission is to ensure that all games marketed by the Colorado Lottery are done with security and protection of the integrity of the games and organization of the Colorado Lottery; and, to ensure that all Colorado Lottery games are representative of the values of the State of Colorado and its citizens.

Stanley Henry Podolski III

CPA of Fort Collins
Appointment June 30, 2022
Commission term expires July 1, 2026

Bill Clayton

Vice Chair
Law Enforcement
Appointment July 18, 2019
Commission term expires July 1, 2023


Arnold Hanuman, Esq.

Appointment June 25, 2021
Commission term expires July 1, 2025

Janelle Quick

Citizen Representative
Appointment June 30, 2022
Commission term expires July 1, 2026