Rule-Making Process

For further information about the rule-making process, please visit the Dept. of Revenue's website.

Governing Rules

General Rules

Rule 1: General Definitions  Rule 2: Licensing  Rule 4: License Revocation  Rule 7: Ethics  Regulatory Agenda  Social Media Drawing Rules  Social Media Policy  Social Media Terms of Use  Promotional Drawing Guidelines 


Rule 5: Scratch Games  Rule 10: Jackpot Games  Rule 10A: Colorado Lotto+  Rule 10B: Pick 3  Rule 10D: Cash 5  Rule 10 E: Cash 5 EZ Match  Rule 10 G: Colorado Lotto+ Add-On  Rule 14: Multi-State Online  Rule 14 A: Powerball  Rule 14 B. Powerball Power Play  Rule 14 F: Powerball Double Play  Rule 14 C: Mega Millions  Rule 14 D: Mega Millions with Megaplier  Rule14 E: Lucky for Life