Lottery games are a lot more fun with Bonus Draws. Bonus Draws offer you another chance to win! Whether you play Jackpot games, Scratch games or both, there’s a Bonus Draw that you can enter today!


Scratch Bonus Draws give you a second chance to win. Only non-winning Scratch tickets are eligible for entry based on each Bonus Draw’s requirements.

There is a wide variety of Scratch Bonus Draws available so be sure to check often. Simply locate the 22-digit number under the scratch-off coating and enter it into the Lottery’s website or scan the barcode on the ticket using the Colorado Lottery’s mobile app.

See a complete list of Bonus Draws for more information.


To enter Jackpot Bonus Draws, you need to have an active MyLottery account. You can only enter Jackpot Bonus Draws using the Colorado Lottery's mobile app that can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. Simply scan the barcode located on the top of your eligible ticket to enter. Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines for the drawings you enter.

Winning and non-winning tickets that meet the requirements of Jackpot Bonus Draws are eligible for entry.

Things You Need to Know

  • You must belong to the Lottery MyLottery loyalty program to enter into Bonus Draws. You can create an account using the mobile app or via the website. 
  • Be sure to enter Jackpot game Bonus Draws before you submit your ticket to a retailer for validation since many retailers will want to retain the ticket for accounting purposes.
  • The mobile app does not determine winning status of Cash 5 EZ Match. The terminal at retail will sound off if a ticket is an EZ Match winner.

To download the Colorado Lottery’s mobile app, visit the App Store or Google Play.