Win Instantly Playing Cash 5 EZ Match

Cash 5 is even more exciting to play with Cash 5 EZ Match because you win right away! For an extra $1 you could win from $2 up to $500 instantly! 

It's Easy to Play!

Just ask your favorite retailer for a Quick Pick with EZ Match. If you like to play your own numbers, simply complete a playslip and be sure to check the EZ Match box. You can also purchase EZ Match using our vending machines as long as you complete a playslip with the EZ Match option selected

Your Cash 5 EZ Match ticket will have your five Cash 5 numbers plus five EZ Match numbers. If any of your EZ Match numbers match any of your Cash 5 numbers, you'll instantly win the prize that is listed next to the EZ Match number. You can win multiple times by matching multiple numbers on one ticket. 

Listen to the Sound of an Instant Win!

The best part is that you'll know right away if you're a winner. As soon as the retailer prints your Cash 5 EZ Match ticket and it's an EZ Match winner, the terminal will play a jingle alerting you of your win! Simply review your ticket, hand it back to the retailer to validate your instant win, they'll pay out your winnings (if they have enough cash on hand) and then give you a new ticket with the original Cash 5 numbers from that ticket. It's easy and fun!

Some General Info

Although a retailer can cancel Cash 5 tickets if a mistake is made, Cash 5 EZ Match tickets cannot be cancelled due to the nature of the instant win. Please remember that it's an additional $1 to play. 

If you purchase more than one set of numbers for a drawing by selecting multiple boards on a playslip, and then select the EZ Match option for at least one play, each set of numbers will be printed on individual tickets. 

If you select the Advance Play option and request EZ Match, the EZ Match will apply (only once) to that transaction. 

Cash 5 EZ Match Prize Structure




1 in 42,000


1 in 42,000


1 in 21,000


1 in 2,800


1 in 1,680


1 in 840


1 in 168


1 in 105


1 in 76


1 in 17


1 in 10

Overall Odds are 1 in 5.22