Game Tools

Get the tools to take your game to the next level. It's the how, what, where and when of the Colorado Lottery. 

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With the Scratch App you can:

•  Scan Scratch tickets for winners
•  Enter 2nd-Chance Drawings
•  Lots more

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Get the Jackpot App and:

•  Track your favorite numbers
•  Check winning numbers instantly
•  Lots more

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Use These Tools Now

Winning History Winning Numbers
  • Winning numbers since the beginning of the Colorado Lottery
  • Get customizable, downloadable reports

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  • See how many times your favorite numbers have been drawn 
  • Use a random number generator 

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Winning Retailers

Winning Winners

  • Get winning retailer reports by game and zipcode
  • Track top prizes sold, amounts won and winners

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  • See who's won in your city and throughout the state
  • Find out how many people win in each game

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Winning Scratch Winnings Unclaimed
  • Get customizable reports and find top prize amounts and games with drawings 
  • Save reports on your MyLottery dashboard 

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  • Find Jackpot games' top prizes that haven't been claimed
  • See where the unclaimed tickets were sold 

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Winning Teams
  • Get the forms to manage a Lottery pool for you and your friends
  • Play together, win together


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