The Lottery’s Draw Management works 364 days a year to ensure all Jackpot and Second-Chance drawings are conducted with the utmost integrity and security. There are a number of protocols in place to ensure all draw results are unpredictable and the chance of bias in any part of the draw process is eliminated.

To assure all draws are conducted fairly and honestly, the draw environment is strictly controlled and all draw‐related activities are performed under video and audio surveillance. Access to the draw room is limited to staff members who must be accompanied by a contracted auditor or security. Every step of every draw is witnessed by a member of an independent accounting firm (contracted auditor) who verifies that draws are conducted and documented in accordance with Lottery procedures. Prior to every draw, the random number generators conduct statistical analysis to ensure results remain random for every game. The Draw Management Unit’s activities are regularly audited by internal and external entities for vulnerability assessment.