Dec 17, 2019

It will be a very merry Christmas for one Parker family.

No "Jelly of the Month Club" for this group! "The Griswolds" won a $5 million Colorado Lotto+ jackpot -- the first since the Lottery launched the new game in September.

Their lucky $5,048,624 winning ticket was bought Saturday night at 7-Eleven at 12358 S. Parker Rd. in Parker. The jackpot has a cash value at over $2.5 million.

"I bought ten quick picks," said the winner. "We were checking all our numbers online the next day, and I'm going down the list thinking, 'well, someone's going to have a merry Christmas, but it's not us'. Then I start checking the fourth play down the list and all six numbers matched up. I couldn't believe it."

The family welcomed a new granddaughter about a month ago and have plans to invest some of the prize money. They also hope to do some home remodeling and take a cruise to Greece or Italy. They also plan on helping out a few loved ones this holiday season. Congratulations!

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