Apr 5, 2018

We'll take a moment to remind our players to check your Jackpot tickets early and often!

When our "Big Winner" went to scan his stack of Lotto tickets at the retailer counter, he had no idea that one of them was about to make him a millionaire.

The retailer gave him back one of the coveted "Claim at Lottery" receipts, and he knew he had a big winner. "I immediately logged into the mobile app and checked my numbers for that date. I was completely stunned," he said. The jackpot for the drawing was $1,996,761.

The winner, from Denver, said he doesn't check tickets very often, because he likes to scan a whole bunch of them at one time. He was aware there was a Lotto jackpot winner in the Denver area on November 18, 2017 but, "I never thought it was going to be me." Our winner was unaware how many months old the ticket was when he went to check it.

After choosing the lump sum option of $983,380 before taxes, he plans to save his prize money for retirement, pay some bills, and "have a little fun" with some of it.

In Colorado, players get 180 days to claim prizes. Any prizes that remain unclaimed after that time window are distributed to the Lottery's proceeds beenficiaries, which benefit the great outdoors in Colorado.


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