May 29, 2019

For the second time in Colorado Lottery history, the organization met its Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) funding cap in April – three months ahead of schedule.

“This is an exciting time for the Lottery, for maximizing proceeds for our beneficiaries, and enriching the lives of Coloradans,” said Colorado Lottery Director Tom Seaver.

Originally set at $35 million in 1992, the GOCO cap is adjusted annually for inflation. The cap amount for fiscal year 2019 is nearly $68.5 million, and thanks to recently strong sales of Lottery products, the organization reached that goal early. The GOCO cap was met in April once before – in fiscal year 2006 – when the amount was $50.2 million.

“With this achievement, our friends at the Lottery proved once again that their hard work pays off for all Coloradans. GOCO is grateful and honored to partner with the Lottery to invest proceeds in our state’s parks, trails, rivers, wildlife, and open spaces,” said GOCO Executive Director Chris Castilian. “This is excellent news for our stakeholders and partners – Colorado Parks and Wildlife, local governments across the state, nonprofit land trusts, and other partnering entities. These organizations leverage GOCO funds to accomplish amazing conservation and recreation projects, which lead to a better quality of life, improved health, and stronger local economies for Coloradans and their communities.”

The Building Excellent Schools Today fund (BEST), which offers grants for public school construction, will see the biggest benefit of the Lottery hitting the ceiling early. Once the GOCO cap is reached, spillover funds are earmarked for the BEST program, which stands to receive several million dollars in Lottery funds this fiscal year.

“The Lottery has supported BEST since its inception and is a key contributor to improving the educational environment for hundreds of thousands of Colorado students,” said BEST Director of Capital Construction Andy Stine. “We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that the GOCO cap was met so early. Every dollar invested in BEST means more money for health, safety, and security improvements for schools across the state.”

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