Feb 23, 2018

Who says there's no such thing as a lucky streak?

When Paul M. and his wife Kris won a $3 million Second-Chance prize from the Colorado Lottery in November 2017, they thought their good luck had peaked. However, lightning struck again on February 18, when Kris’s numbers won her the Cash 5 jackpot a dozen times over.

The rules of Cash 5 state that on any one drawing, the number of jackpots maxes out at ten. After that, the game becomes pari-mutuel and the $200,000 prize is split between all winners. In other words, Kris won twelve jackpots worth $16,666 each, a grand total of $200,000. Her numbers – 3-10-17-23-31 – all have special meaning to her as birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones.

Kris’s lucky Cash 5 tickets, purchased as Advance Play tickets on several different days, were sold at the following retailers:

- King Soopers on N. Hwy 287 in Louisville (two jackpot winners)
- King Soopers on E. South Boulder Rd. in Louisville (four jackpot winners)
- Safeway Mini Fuel C-1656 in Superior
- King Soopers on Table Mesa Dr. in Boulder (two jackpot winners)
- King Soopers on 30th St in Boulder
- Safeway on W. Cherry St. in Louisville (two jackpot winners)

The multiple Cash 5 jackpot wins come just three months after Paul won a $3 million Second-Chance drawing after submitting non-winning Scratch tickets on the Lottery’s web site.

“You know, before you knocked on our door that morning, we were sitting around the kitchen table talking about how stressed we were about our finances,” said Kris. “This is so surreal.”

Re-live the moment when the Lottery’s Prize Surprise crew greeted Paul, Kris, and their son Luke on their front doorstep and made them instant millionaires: https://youtu.be/eUTGdTJb6pM . The family has since paid off their house, made investments for the future, and gave some of the prize money to their two sons.

“I’m into computers, I really love to build them,” said Luke. “And I always dreamed about walking into the computer store and picking out anything I wanted. It’s a pretty cool feeling.”

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Pictured above: Paul, Kris, Luke, and Lottery sales representative Garret Ulibarri, who takes care of all things Lottery at all six of Kris's winning stores.

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