Sep 5, 2018

Two great-grandparents from Granby just won a $6.5 million Lotto jackpot.

Gilbert M. has been playing his same lucky Lotto numbers for as long as he can remember. And on August 25, it finally paid off for him in a big way!

Gilbert went to one of his usual stops, the Kum & Go in Granby, and chose his six lucky Lotto numbers -- numbers that have special meaning to him and his wife Lory. He also chose four Lotto quick picks and a few other Jackpot game tickets. As he walked away from the counter, he realized the clerk had given him too much money back and he turned back to let her know.

"She said 'Oops, it looks like a couple of the bills stuck together. Thank you so much for being honest, I hope you win'", said Gilbert. "That could have been the bit of luck I needed!"

The actual jackpot total was $6,554,244 and after the couple chose the lump sum/cash option, they won $3,277,122. Gilbert and Lory, who have been married 42 years, have quite the bucket list and they are ready to get started.

"I want to go on a Viking river cruise, and go to Tuscany and Scotland," said Lory. "And we want to do a trip to Napa, too."

Gilbert said he's matched 5 out of 6 Lotto numbers twice before, but he always believed that one day all six of them would hit. How's that for keeping the faith!? Congratulations Gilbert and Lory!

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