Feb 18, 2018

Well we had something pretty extraordinary happen last night in our Cash 5 game. TWELVE jackpot winning tickets were sold!!!

And those of you who are familiar with the game know that after the first 10 jackpots (worth $20,000 each) the game becomes a pari-mutuel game, meaning the max $200,000 prize is then divvied up between all winners. To put it simply, each of these 12 winning tickets are worth $16,666 each. They were all sold in the same region, so could they all have originated from ONE PLAYER who played their own lucky numbers multiple times??

Maybe so! We’ll just have to wait and see...


Here are the selling stores:

King Soopers #13 in Louisville (x4)

King Soopers #33 in Boulder (x2)

King Soopers #135 in Lafayette (x2)

Safeway Fuel Mini C-1656 in Superior

King Soopers #61 in Boulder

Safeway #2812 in Louisville (x2)


We also had 90 players win the $200 prize, so check your tickets, folks!

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