Love Jackpot games? Here's a deal you'll only get using the Lottery's vending machine!

May 7 7 a.m. 2018
May 27 7 p.m. 2018

Multiple Locations


Here's a deal that is only available at your favorite Safeway and Albertsons stores, and it's only available by purchasing through the Lottery's vending machines! Purchase a $10 Lotto ticket (all 10 plays have to be on one ticket) and the machine will give you a free $2 Powerball ticket for free! If you haven't used one of our ticket machines before, don't worry. It's easy. Simply insert $10 into the money recepticle, select $10 Lotto, and viola! You're done!

Offer is good beginning May 7, 2018 and ending when supply of the free tickets is exhausted or through May 27th, whichever comes first. 

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