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May 18, 2023

Lottery funds work to inspire the next generation of farmers and ranchers

​Nestled on the Roaring Fork River just a couple of miles east of Carbondale, Coffman Ranch features 141 acres of productive ranchland, native wildlife habitat, and more than a century of deep agricultural roots.

In 2020, our beneficiary partner, Great Outdoors Colorado, awarded a $2,500,000 grant to Aspen Valley Land Trust in partnership with others to acquire Coffman Ranch. Now, Coffman Ranch remains true to its heritage as a working ranch, providing numerous community engagement opportunities and outdoor experiences, in order to inspire the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Read more about the history, conservation, and impact of Coffman Ranch.

Watch this short clip on Coffman Ranch and see Colorado Lottery dollars hard at work.


Lottery Dollars Build Great Things
We are proud to say that in the past 40 years, we've given back more than $4 billion —yep, with a "B"— to fund parks, recreation, open space, wildlife projects, and public school construction. Our valued players and committed retailer partners enable us to further enhance our great state's most valuable natural resource — the great outdoors. Learn more about how the Colorado Lottery funds everywhere Coloradans play.

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