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Sep 15, 2023

Stay vigilant and know what to do if you win

Every year, opportunistic criminals find new ideas to try and take advantage of lottery players. Their goal is usually to convince victims to provide personal information or pay fake “processing fees” and “taxes” through a wire transfer or money order. Protect yourself from fraud by being aware of the latest scams and knowing what to do if you think you’ve won.



Some tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

  • Never respond to any emails stating you have won a lottery that you haven’t entered. Lottery officials will always use official email addresses. 
  • Never, ever disclose your bank details or pay fees in advance or wire money overseas for a lottery. Lotteries do not ask for fees to collect winnings. 
  • Never purchase tickets from foreign lotteries by phone, mail or the Internet.

Learn about the latest scams and more tips to avoid becoming a victim on our Protect Yourself page.

What to do if you think you’re a winner

  • Sign the back of your ticket to establish ownership
  • Verify your ticket is a winner - you can verify via the Colorado Lottery website, our mobile app, vending machines at select retailers, or visit a Lottery Claim center.
  • Winners of $599 or less can be claimed at your local retailer, through the mail, or at a Lottery Claim office.
  • Winners of $600 or more can be claimed through the mail, at a Lottery Claim office, or online through our secure process.

Learn more about how to collect winnings on our Claiming Prizes page.

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