Jul 2, 2020

The caboose may come in last, but it's certainly not the least. The City of Pueblo is being given an award for excellence in use of Lottery funds for this City Park project.

The beloved City Park Caboose Project in Pueblo received a much-need boost -- a grant from Conservation Trust Fund of $30,500 helped the City remove old, deteriorating wood decking and replace the deck with a larger colored concrete patio, new stairs and tables for the eating area.

Nearly $5 million in Lottery funds are represented in 11 winning projects distributed statewide through grants via Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), the Conservation Trust Fund (CTF), Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST). 

"With so many projects funded with Lottery dollars, it's sometimes easy to forget all the different types of outdoor projects that result from Lottery revenue,” said Tom Seaver, director of the Colorado Lottery. “This year's Starburst Awards showcase the diverse uses of Lottery money -- ballfields, bike parks, playgrounds, riparian zones, and of course, massive land purchases.
These Starburst awards demonstrate just a fraction of the ways Lottery dollars are going to work wherever and however Coloradans like to play."

Colorado Lottery Starburst Awards recognize excellence in the use of Lottery funds for community and conservation projects.

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