Jul 21, 2022

Our Prize Surprise Crew made it the Best Day Ever for a young family from Peyton.

Teanna T. from Peyton was shocked and surprised on Wednesday to learn she won $3 million in the Lottery's Second Chance drawing for Game #175, Mega Money Scratch. She came into the Pueblo claims office with her husband Martin and three of their young children, and was so shocked that the happy tears began flowing. 

With four small children and an ailing mom, Teanna recently moved from Castle Rock to Peyton to cut costs and help her family. She plans to take her kids to Disney World and has dreams of buying a ranch, complete with horses and cows. She won her $3 million prize from a non-winning $50 Mega Money Scratch ticket, which she submitted on the Lottery's mobile app back in October 2020.  

Teanna's story is a great reminder to players to always scan in their non-winning Scratch tickets into the Lottery app or website to be entered into Bonus Draws AND to be sure their contact information is up to date in their MyLottery account.

Congratulations, Teanna!

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