Mar 10, 2023

Latest second chance winner plans to spoil her alpacas!

Joanie L. won $250,000 in the 100X The Cash Bonus Draw! Joanie is from the tiny town of Cowdrey (population 27), so even though she hid her face for photos, she said “everyone will know!” Joanie found out she was the winner in a slightly unusual way - by certified mail! She was still suspicious that the whole thing was a scam, so she was pleasantly surprised to walk into the Fort Collins claim center and find out she really was the big winner!

Joanie works for the local court system and says she plans to start a trust fund with her winnings. She is also considering buying more alpacas - we’re sure they’ll be very happy in Cowdrey! Joanie has played a variety of Lottery games for many years but her biggest win had previously been $500, so this certainly beat that!

Congratulations, Joanie!


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