Bill S. of Carbondale won the $3,896,039 Colorado Lotto+ jackpot!

Jun 16, 2023

Carbondale retiree wants a new vacuum, to enjoy the outdoors, and to give back

Bill S. of Carbondale won the $3,896,039 Colorado Lotto+ jackpot! 

Bill is a retired trauma nurse who worked in New York City for 30 years before moving to Colorado and working at Aspen Valley Hospital until he retired last year. Bill came to Colorado after his parents passed away, having remembered the mountains fondly from when he was “an old hippie” who learned to ski here in ‘72. 

He says he’s played the Lottery weekly for 10 years, but this is by far his biggest prize. When he checked his ticket on the Lottery’s website and realized he had hit the jackpot, Bill said he was “beyond belief” and has been nervous and trembling since the big win. He chose the cash option of $1,948,019. 

Bill says he has no huge plans for his windfall, other than maybe taking a train trip and buying a new vacuum (how responsible!). As he is retired, Bill is on a fixed budget and with his cost of living increasing, he had to stop his beloved horseback riding and paragliding because of the cost. He plans to use his winnings to get back to those things he loves the most in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Bill is also getting 100 gift cards to give to the folks at his local City Market, “because they are nice to him”. How sweet!

Bill is turning 69 next month and is single at the moment - he says he is “getting too old and ugly” for the dating scene but we do not agree! We’re sure admirers will be lined up around the block now, Bill - just make sure to vet them thoroughly! 

Bill purchased his $2 Colorado Lotto+ ticket at the City Market at 905 Highway 133 in Carbondale. He used Quick Pick and his winning numbers were 5-13-14-16-30-33 for the June 10, 2023, drawing. 

Congratulations, Bill! We hope you spend your newly bolstered retirement in some of the places the Colorado Lottery gives back, like our beautiful parks, campgrounds, and open spaces.

Bill S. of Carbondale won the $3,896,039 Colorado Lotto+ jackpot!
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