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5 weekly winners of an ATARI Flashback Classic Game Console and 10 ATARI Scratch tickets (total prize package value $90.00 each)

1 Grand Prize drawing to award 1 winner - 1 Arcades Legends 3 Upright Arcade Game Machine, 1 ATARI Flashback Classic Game Console and 10 ATARI Scratch tickets (total approximate Grand Prize value $3085.00)

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Totally Radical ATARI Scratch!

ATARI Scratch from the Colorado Lottery is way cool dude! It's bangin' with Asteroids®, Breakout®, Centipede® and Missile Command®; collect all four tickets. You get three gnarly chances to win $100,000 instantly and hundreds of thousands of chances to win other instant prizes ranging from $5 all the way up to $20,000. Sweet!

This game is the shiz nits! Simply match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any WINNING NUMBER and you'll win the prize shown. Get a JOYSTICK symbol and you'll win $50 immediately!  Right on! Get a 5X symbol and you'll win 5 times the prize shown! Now that's tight! 

Visit ATARI and play Asteroid, Breakout, Centipede and Missile Command and other great ATARI games today. It's major killer fun. You know it!

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The most rippin' second-chance drawing you'll ever enter!

Take a chill pill if you don't win instantly. Dude, you can enter your non-winning tickets into our second-chance drawing and you'll have another chance to win ATARI merchandise every week for six weeks beginning March 7th!


Arcades Legends 3 Upright
Multi-Game Video Arcade 
Game Machine

ATARI® Flashback®  6
Classic Game Console

Week 1 through Week 5: Win an ATARI Flashback 6 Classic Game Console and ten (10) ATARI Scratch tickets (total value $90 each). 

Week 6 Grand Prize: One (1) Arcades Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine, one (1) ATARI Flashback Classic Game Console and ten (10) ATARI Scratch tickets (total value $3,085). 

Just enter the 22-digit code located beneath the scratch-off coating on your ticket in the second-chance drawing area of our website.

Or... you can use your smartphone to scan the barcode and be automatically entered. Download it today! 


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Entries Accepted: March 7, 2016, midnight

Entry Deadline: April 18, 2016, noon

Drawing Date: April 19, 2016, midnight

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Don't spoil a Second Chance by throwing your ticket away! From theater packages and vacations to million-dollar prizes, you could win big in one of our Second-Chance drawings with your non-winning ticket.

We offer Second-Chance Drawings on select Scratch games. To find out which games offer a second chance, look at the instructions on the back of the ticket. Check the list of all current drawings for promotional drawings, too! (We do not offer second-chance drawings for our Jackpot games at this time.)

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