Winner's Stories


It didn't take long for Milagros P. from Colorado Springs to figure out she'd won a cool $2 million on Powerball Wednesday night. 
She used our shiny new Jackpot mobile app on her iPad, and screamed when she matched 5 numbers with the Powerplay!
Milagros has been a Lottery fan since 1989. She played a Quick Pick on the winning ticket, and says she plans to pay some bills and help out her family.


Amazing! Christopher W. has fallen on hard times lately. He's been homeless & struggling for some time. He had $10 in his pocket and bought a Lucky 13 ticket, winning one of the $253,000 Top Prizes! He says he's still in shock about it.
He wants to help out a few friends, buy a car, and get back on track.
Congratulations, Christopher!


Way to turn the night around! Zachary A. from Denver decided to stay at a buddy's house after a fight with his lady friend (we've all been there!) Well he picked up a few Scratch tickets - The Walking Dead, Twisted, and Poker Ace Showdown - and look who got lucky. Congratulations!