Winner's Stories


Susan M. was astonished and nearly speechless when she came in to claim her more than $5 million prize from winning the August 1st Lotto jackpot!

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Speechless! Meet our newest millionaire - Hussein M. from Denver! His non-winning Overwhelming Wealth ticket just scored him a cool $1 million in a 2nd Chance Drawing. We surprised him at home in east Denver & he was completely shocked. He moved here from Somalia 20 years ago & drives a cab. He plans to buy a house & start a small business. He was excited to surprise his wife with the good news!

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Eric D. scored one of the $10,000 Top Prizes for the Tenacious Scratch game! He plans on paying some bills and sending his little sister Kayden on a shopping trip!
...There are still 80+ Top Prizes left in this game.