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Where the Money Goes
Giving Back
Every time you visit a park, walk on a trail, or paddle a kayak course, you’re seeing Colorado Lottery dollars at work. More than $2.5 billion has been returned to the state for parks, recreation, open space, conservation education and wildlife projects since the Lottery started in 1983.

Profits from the sale of Lottery products are mandated to be distributed according to this formula: 50 percent to the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Trust Fund, 40 percent to the Conservation Trust Fund, and 10 percent to The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. GOCO funds are capped at $35 million, adjusted for inflation (this translates to $60.3 million for FY14), and funds that exceed the GOCO cap go to the Colorado Department of Education, Public School Capital Construction Assistance Fund.

Great Outdoors ColoradoGreat Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) gives money to projects across the state to help impact communities. Funds build trails, help open recreation facilities, preserve ranchlands and view corridors, improve and expand river quality and access, and conserve wildlife habitat. The Colorado Lottery is GOCO’s only funding source.

Conservation Trust FundLocal parks and recreation providers – towns, cities, counties and special districts use funds for open space and land acquisition, equipment purchases, facility development, park maintenance, and for the renovation and restoration of local facilities.

Colorado Division of Parks and WildlifeColorado’s 42 state parks use Lottery money for trail construction and maintenance, land acquisition, equipment and facility purchases and maintenance of state parks facilities.

School Health and SafetyWhen the Colorado Lottery joined Powerball in 1992, the distribution formula changed to include funding for school health and safety issues. Spill-off or any extra funds are provided to the Colorado’s Public School Capitol Construction Assistance Fund.