Congrats to Jean True!

She just won $1 million playing Hot Millions Scratch!

Jean True, a retired pre-school teacher, is on a lucky streak! Not only did she win $50,000 playing Opulent Riches Scratch just over a month ago – she just scratched her way to $1 million over the weekend! Jean struck her fortune playing Hot Millions Scratch. Jean scratched the ticket Saturday afternoon and was a self-proclaimed “basket case” over the weekend while she waited for the Lottery office to open so she could claim her prize.

Jean is excited to be able “to do good with the money,” and help out her family who has fallen on hard times. She plans to treat herself to an Alaskan cruise with her fiancé, Cris Park, who is also a past Colorado Lottery winner. Cris won $100,000 playing Denver Broncos Scratch two years ago. What a lucky pair!
The lucky twosome plan on continuing to play the Colorado Lottery in the future and particularly love Scratch games, “I love the instant gratification of Scratch,” Jean confessed.
Good luck Jean – not that you need it!

She's a Winner!

Jean True