Colorado Lottery Announces Conversion to New Software System

       The Colorado Lottery announced today the impending conversion to its new software system that includes new terminals in retail establishments throughout the state. The new system will be launched early in the morning of May 2.
 April 30 is the last day the Lottery will sell tickets from existing terminals. Officials have
designated May 1 as "quiet day" when no On-line tickets will be sold, and no tickets will be redeemed.  Players still will be able to purchase Scratch tickets. 
New terminals feature touch screens complete with help icons. "Ticket Checkers" are being placed in approximately 1,500 retailers statewide to allow customers to self-check On-line and Scratch tickets to determine if they are winners. Winning tickets still will need to be presented to store personnel or to Lottery offices to cash.
 There will be no change in the popular line-up of available Lottery products that include Powerball, Lotto, Cash 5 and Scratch tickets.
 "This conversion is as major step forward for the Colorado Lottery," said M. Michael Cooke, Executive Director of the Department of Revenue that oversees the Lottery. "The improvements in technology will benefit not only Lottery retailers, but all of the people of Colorado who see Lottery dollars returned to their local communities through park, open space and wildlife projects."
 Conversion of the Lottery's software system results in a change from the previous vendor, Gtech, to new vendor Scientific Games International (SGI). The process has been in the planning stage for over two years.
 "The Colorado Lottery selected Scientific Games with two issues paramount," said Lottery Director Peggy Gordon. "Those issues are integrity of the system and the security it offers. For 23 years, the Colorado Lottery has been committed to providing the citizens of Colorado with a strong and reliable system. That won't change."
 In 2004, the Lottery celebrated a successful year with sales of more than $408 million. Every year, thousands of projects are made with funds generated from the Lottery. To date, more than $1.5 billion has made its way to Colorado parks, recreation and open space.                      


April 29, 2005
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