DENVER -  Despite being surrounded by fall colors, Daniel Lanham, 71, of Arvada is rolling in the green today.  That’s because he was the only person to match all six numbers in Saturday night’s $2.4 million Lotto drawing.  The winning combination was 8-15-22-25-28-40.

“I was drinking coffee and watching T.V. when I heard my wife Darlene start screaming in the kitchen,” said Daniel.  “I didn’t know if she had cut herself or what was going on.  When I got there, she told me to look at the Lottery numbers.  Then I realized we had matched all six.  Both of us just sat there and cried.  We haven’t come down to earth since.”  

The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at the Albertson’s store at 72nd and Sheridan in Westminster.  Lanham chose the Cash Value and received a check for $1.2 million ($852,000 after tax withholding).

“I always buy one ticket for each drawing when the jackpot gets to $2 million,” said Darlene.  “You never really think you are going to win, and then you do.  We wondered what we would do with the money if we won.  Then, when you win, you forget what you thought of.”

The Lanhams said they will use most of their winnings to help the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  They told Lottery officials that they love to travel, but have not had the chance or finances to visit Europe.  They say they most likely will go to Italy with some of their family in the very near future.

Lottery officials say the Lotto drawing on Wednesday night will be worth $1 million.  The Cash Value will be $500,000.


October 4, 2004
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