Lotto Money

PUEBLOAdam Reichert, 20, of Colorado Springs has 3.4 million reasons to be thankful today.  That’s because he was the only person to match all six numbers in Wednesday night’s $3.4 million Lotto drawing.  The winning combination was 8-10-13-23-34-41.

“My mom is the reason I won,” said Reichert.  “I’m usually a pretty lucky guy.  A couple of weeks ago, I won tickets on the radio for a Broncos game.  I just never thought of playing the Lottery.  That’s why my mom kept bugging me to buy some tickets, so I finally gave in and went across the street and bought a Powerball ticket and a Lotto ticket.  I guess it goes to show that you only need to buy one ticket to win, but you can’t win if you don’t play.”   

The winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased at the Loaf N Jug convenience store at 4335 Airport Road in Colorado Springs.  Reichert chose the Annuity Option and received his first check for $88,145 ($62,584 after tax withholding).  The final payment in 2028 will be worth $203,268 ($144,321).

“I haven't really had a lot of time to decide what to do with the money,” said Reichert.  “I will definitely share some of the winnings with my family.  I would also like to help some of those less fortunate than me.  Maybe I will sponsor some kids who are down on their luck.”

Reichert told Lottery officials that he crashed his motorcycle a couple of weeks ago, and that this will allow him to get that fixed.  He also said he might join the Navy, something he has recently been thinking about doing.


September 10, 2004
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