May Millions

DENVER - The month of May began with a windfall of cash for one lucky Longmont resident.  Christopher Kirk matched all six numbers in the May 1st Lotto drawing and collected his $3.1 million jackpot at the Lottery's Denver office.  The winning combination was: 6-9-14-25-31-38.

"My dream has always been to win the Lottery," said Kirk.  "I didn't know I had won until today.  I played Cash 5 for the first time last night and went to the Lottery's web site to check my numbers.  I realized I had some old Lotto tickets in my wallet so I decided to check them.  When I saw I had all six numbers I thought I was looking at a winning numbers report from the grocery store.  Then I realized it was a ticket and I couldn't believe my eyes.  When I went to pick my daughter up at school she got in the car and I told her my dreams have been answered.  She looked at me and said, 'what, you won the Lottery?'"

The winning ticket was purchased at the Conoco convenience store at 1801 Hover Road in Longmont.  Kirk elected to take the Cash Option of $1.55 million.  After tax withholding, he will receive a check for $1.1 million. 

"I came really close to giving this prize away without even knowing it," said Kirk.  "I bought ten Quick Pick tickets for the drawing and put five of them in my girlfriends birthday card.  It must have been a really lucky day, first I bought the winning ticket and then I kept it."

Kirk told the Lottery that he is the single father of two daughters.  He says he will take them to Disney World this summer with some of his winnings.


May 13, 2004
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