Colorado Lottery Posts Record Sales in 2008

DENVER –  Last year was a lucky one for the Colorado Lottery. The organization ended 2008 with $500.4 million in sales – a new calendar year record. The figure is an increase of 2.8 percent over 2007, when the Lottery had sales of $486.8 million and represents the fifth straight year of gains for the Lottery.

“We’re pleased that we were able to make significant strides despite a challenging economic environment in 2008,” said Colorado Lottery Director Jack Boehm. “We want to thank our players for their continuing support and our 2,900 retail partners for their efforts in selling our products.”

Two of the Lottery’s products – Scratch and Cash 5 - set sales records in calendar year 2008. Scratch sales were $333.1 million, compared with $319.2 million a year earlier, thanks to the continued popularity of Colorado Millionaire, the Lottery’s first $20 Scratch game. Cash 5 had sales of $20.2 million, an increase over 2007, when Cash 5 had sales of $18.1 million. Lotto sales were $42.3 million, down slightly from 2007, but up from 2006. Powerball sales were $104.7 million, down from the previous two years due to a lack of large jackpots.

The year was also lucky for our players. Seven Lotto players won jackpots in calendar year 2008, up from four winners the previous year. The average Lotto jackpot was $4.6 million and the high was $11 million. Cash 5 players won 100, $20,000 jackpots, five more than in 2007 and 31 more than in 2006.

In addition, the Lottery celebrated a major milestone in terms of proceeds, reaching the $2 billion mark in historical contributions to the state of Colorado. Since its creation in 1983, the Lottery has provided funding for thousands of miles of trails, acres of pristine open space, much-needed recreation facilities, and wildlife protection.

“We take our mission to our proceeds partners very seriously. An increase in sales is always a cause for celebration because we know those dollars will help keep Colorado a beautiful place to live and play,” said Boehm.

The Lottery’s proceeds partners include: Great Outdoors Colorado, Colorado State Parks and the Conservation Trust Funds. The Lottery also supports the Public School Spillover Fund, which provides money to address health and safety issues in public schools.


January 1, 2009
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