Colorado Lottery Releases First Digital Annual Report

DENVER – The Colorado Lottery is releasing its annual report digitally for the first time this year, allowing viewers to catch up on the Lottery’s activities in both a more user-friendly and environmentally-conscious  format. The Fiscal Year 2008 report includes information on our games, winners, proceeds recipients and record-breaking sales. The report is available for viewing by following this link:

“Moving the report online has allowed the Colorado Lottery to save both money and precious resources,” said Lottery Director Jack Boehm. “We are excited about tapping technology in a new way.”

Fiscal 2008 was a banner year for the Lottery, resulting in a new sales record of $505.8 million. Scratch sales were particularly strong, totaling $336 million. Thanks to those strong sales, the Lottery was able to return $122.3 million to its proceeds partners.

Proceeds from the Colorado Lottery’s games - Scratch, Lotto, Powerball and Cash 5 - stay in Colorado to improve the quality of life in the state. The Lottery has returned $2 billion to the state since its creation in 1983, providing funding for parks, recreation, open space acquisition, trails, wildlife protection and conservation education.


December 5, 2008
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