New Colorado Lottery Scratch-n-Sniff Ticket Worth a Whiff

DENVER  –  The Colorado Lottery will launch its first ever scented Scratch game June 16, giving players a reason to stop and smell the tickets. The $3 Scented Crossword game will be available in three different aromas: coffee, chocolate and bouquet. The scents are activated once players scratch off the latex in the play area, which is covered in scented ink.

"We thought it was a  fun way to provide a new twist on one of our most popular games," said the Lottery’s Scratch Product Manager Todd Greco. "Whether you drink coffee or not, I think it’s a smell that everyone associates with good memories. The chocolate and floral bouquet scents will appeal to our female players, who make up a large portion of our Crossword customers."

The Lottery’s Crossword series of Scratch games was launched nearly a decade ago, and continues to be one of the organization’s most consistent best-sellers. Roughly 70 percent of Crossword players are female. The probability of winning any prize in the game is 1 in 3.43.

Proceeds from the Colorado Lottery’s games – Scratch, Lotto, Cash 5, and Powerball - stay in Colorado to improve the quality of life in the state. Now celebrating its 25th year, the Lottery has returned more than $1.9 billion to the state of Colorado since its creation. Through Great Outdoors Colorado, the Conservation Trust Fund and Colorado State Parks, the Lottery has provided funding for new trails, precious open space and wildlife protection.


June 12, 2008
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