Lotto Jackpot Grows to $8.8 Million; And Players Felt Lucky on 07-07-07

DENVER – It’s the highest jackpot since November 16, 2002, when a player won $9.5 million. At $8.8 million, the Colorado Lottery Lotto jackpot is significantly higher than the $3.9 million it averaged in 2006, and players have noticed. They’re hoping their luck will beat the one in 5,245,786 probability of winning the jackpot. 

But, the question remains: do players think 7/11/07 is as lucky as 7/07/07? Last Saturday, the Lottery’s ticket sales saw a jump with players feeling extra lucky. Sales of Lotto, Cash 5 and Powerball tickets totaled $1,252,093 on that day alone, up 58.6 percent from the previous Saturday sales. On June 30, sales of those games totaled $789,024.

“The higher sales could have been attributed to the unique day, the high Lotto jackpot, or a combination of both,” said Peggy Gordon, director of the Lottery. “Whatever the reason, we can tell that players were testing their luck.”

And just how lucky was 07/07/07 for Colorado players?


  • $466,619 in sales
  • 79,231 lines had ‘7’ in them
  • 21,263 winners overall

Cash 5

  • $77,277 in sales
  • 15,506 lines had ‘7’ in them
  • 16,148 winners overall


  • $708,197 in sales
  • 71,488 lines had ‘7’ in the first five numbers or the Powerball number
  • 4,609 lines had ‘7’ twice, once in the first five numbers and as the Powerball number
  • 18,894 winners overall  


July 10, 2007
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