Will 07-07-07 Be Lucky For You?

DENVER – It only happens once a century. You’ve read the stories. You’ve probably even gotten a wedding invitation from a couple getting married on this special day. Many people are hoping this Saturday, July 7, 2007, will be a very lucky day.

“What significance does 07-07-07 hold for you?” asks Peggy Gordon, director of the Colorado Lottery. “We’ve gotten many requests for a special ‘7s’ ticket this year. If that’s your lucky number, the Colorado Lottery has a special Scratch game for you.” 

Magnificent 7sis one of the Lottery’s most popular $2 Scratch games. The grand prize is $27,777, and 11 of the 15 top prizes are still available. The probability of winning a top prize is 1 in 400,000.

So just ask yourself, is ‘7’ your lucky number?


July 6, 2007
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