Scratch Sales – Rewriting the Record Books

DENVER – Never in the history of the Colorado Lottery have Scratch ticket reached $7 million in weekly sales – until last week that is. Sales were $7,023,308 with 23 Scratch games on the market.


Another first, the Lottery averaged $6.5 million each week in Scratch sales since the week of January 21. Since the first Scratch game was introduced in 1983, the most consecutive weeks that the Lottery has sustained this level of sales is two weeks. Throughout 2006, the average weekly sales were $5.2 million.


This surge in Scratch sales is attributed to a strong combination of factors. On January 22, the Lottery introduced a new game, $37 Million Super Cash Spectacular, which is the second game in the past nine months to boast a top prize of $500,000. The game was launched with a marketing and sales campaign that included television advertising, outdoor billboards, radio spots and point of sale in retail locations. 


$35 Million Cash Spectacular, the first Scratch game with a $500,000 top prize, debuted in May 2006. Both of these games credited for about 40 percent of total Scratch sales during the past four weeks.


“Everything seemed to fall into place at the right time for us to reach such a milestone,” said Peggy Gordon, director of the Lottery.  “Seven million in Scratch sales for just one week is a testament to our new game ideas, successful advertising and extensive retail network.”


In addition to offering new games with bigger prizes, the increased sales can be attributed to the enhanced look of the tickets, which features more vibrant colors and a range of products at various price points. During the past month, the Lottery had about 25 Scratch games available for $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10.


Proceeds from the Colorado Lottery’s games – Scratch, Lotto, Powerball and Cash 5 – stay in Colorado to improve the quality of life in the state. Since the lottery started in 1983, more than $1.8 billion has been returned to the state through the Lottery’s primary proceeds recipients. These organizations provide grants and direct funding for parks, recreation, open space acquisition, trails, wildlife and conservation education.


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March 6, 2007
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