Highest Lotto Jackpot in Two Years

DENVER – Want a lifetime of lift tickets to your favorite mountain resorts anywhere in the world? How about Colorado Avalanche rinkside season tickets for you and your closest 600 friends? You can have it, if you win the Colorado Lottery’s multi-million dollar Lotto jackpot tomorrow night.


At $5.2 million, the Lotto jackpot is the highest since April 9, 2005, when the jackpot reached a staggering $7.6 million.


“Whose life wouldn’t change dramatically with $5 million?” said Peggy Gordon, Colorado Lottery director. “We’re always excited when our in-state jackpot gets this high.”


This jackpot has steadily increased since the drawing on December 23, 2006. Lotto drawings are held twice a week, each Wednesday and Saturday, at 7:40 p.m. in Pueblo. The numbers are selected using automated drawing machines, which randomly generate the winning numbers.


Proceeds from the Colorado Lottery’s games - Scratch, Lotto, Powerball and Cash 5 - stay in Colorado to improve the quality of life in the state. In 2006, more than $120 million was returned to Colorado. Since the lottery started in 1983, more than $1.8 billion has been returned to the state.


The Lottery proceeds are distributed to three primary beneficiaries: Great Outdoors Colorado, Conservation Trust Fund and Colorado State Parks. These organizations then provide grants and direct funding for parks, recreation, open space acquisition, trails, wildlife and conservation education.



February 27, 2007
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