Record Sales Year for Colorado Lottery

DENVER – Record Powerball jackpots fueled a record sales year for the Colorado Lottery. For the third consecutive year, the Lottery beat the previous year’s total and achieved its highest sales to date. 


Total sales in 2006 reached $454.2 million, which was an increase of 2.6 percent compared to last year's $442.6 million. The Lottery saw sales increases in Powerball and Cash 5, while Lotto and Scratch games were down slightly.


“A combination of factors contributed to our success this year,” said Peggy Gordon, director of the Colorado Lottery. “Higher jackpots, loyal players and diligent retailers were just a few vital elements that helped us attain our sales goals. We plan to use this momentum to lead us through the upcoming year.”


In 2006, Powerball sales had the biggest jump, with a 15.6 percent increase. The game not only saw the record jackpot amount of $365 million in February, but three other jackpots that reached more than $200 million, which contributed to total sales of $111.6 million for the year.


The other winner was Cash 5, with sales totaling $17.2 million, an 8.9 percent increase.


Seeing a slight decrease were Scratch sales and Lotto. Scratch tickets totaled $288.7 million, which was 0.7 percent, or about $2 million, less than 2005. As for Lotto, sales were down about 7.9 percent, or $3 million from the previous year, totaling $36.7 million.


To continue its success in 2007, the Lottery has four goals. The primary one is recruiting more retailers with a goal of 3,000 by June 30. At this time, the Lottery has about 2,900 licensed retailers statewide. Another objective is to better manage Scratch ticket inventory by ensuring that more tickets are available and existing ticket dispensers are filled. And the third goal is offering new games that will excite loyal players while creating interest among new or infrequent players. The Lottery also plans to continue maintaining strong partnerships with proceeds recipients such as Great Outdoors Colorado, Conservation Trust Fund and Colorado State Parks.


“We have very ambitious, but attainable, goals this year,” said Gordon. “We’re celebrating our achievements while working to strengthen the Lottery’s future, which will only benefit our proceeds recipients and Colorado for years to come.”


Proceeds from the Colorado Lottery’s games - Scratch, Lotto, Powerball and Cash 5 - stay in Colorado to improve the quality of life in the state. In fiscal year 2006, more than $125.5 million was returned to Colorado. Since the lottery started in 1983, more than $1.7 billion has been returned to the state.



January 16, 2007
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