Colorado Lottery Proceeds Hit Record

Colorado Lottery Proceeds Hit Record


DENVER – Soon, new trails will be tread upon, new swings will fly, more acres of wildlife habitat will be protected, and more open space vistas will be preserved thanks for a record-breaking year for proceeds from the Colorado Lottery. The Colorado Lottery has concluded its fiscal year 2006 with sales that will result in $125.5 million to proceeds recipients.  Most notably, a record $12.5 million will go to address emergency health and safety issues at public schools.


  • Great Outdoors Colorado received $50.2 million – or about 50% of proceeds, capped at $35 million in 1992 dollars. The overflow of this money goes to under funded public school districts to address facility and safety issues. Public schools received $12.5 million in FY06.
  • Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation received $12.6 million – or about 10 percent of proceeds. Colorado’s 41 State Parks use Lottery money for trail construction and maintenance, land acquisition, equipment and facility purchases.
  • The Conservation Trust Fund received $50.2 million – or about 40% of proceeds. Conservation Trust Fund distributes the money statewide to cities, towns, counties and special districts on a per-capita basis.

 “Colorado’s public schools and school children are big winners this year,” said Peggy Gordon, Colorado Lottery Director. “We were able to provide more than $12 million to the public school general fund, which will help to address many critical facility and safety issues. We are proud to say that is the most money we have ever given back to schools.”


Scratch tickets continued to be the leader of the pack for the Colorado Lottery, with more than $293.8 million in sales. Powerball followed with more than $119.8 million. Lotto had more than $38.3 million in sales and Cash 5 had $16.9 million. Powerball experienced the biggest growth, growing more than $38 million, or 48%, over Fiscal Year 2005. Scratch sales grew by $11.1 million, or 4%, over FY05. Overall, sales for Lottery games reached $468.8 million in FY06.


In addition to generating record proceeds, the Lottery also decreased its operating costs to 6.5 percent of sales from 7.7 percent in FY05. The decrease was lead by new contracts with vendors and other cost-savings measures.


Proceeds from the Colorado Lottery’s games – Scratch, Lotto, Powerball, and Cash 5 – stay in Colorado to improve the quality of life in the state. In Fiscal Year 2005, more than $103.7 million was returned to Colorado, compared to $125.5 in FY06. Since the lottery started in 1983, more than $1.7 billion has been returned to the state.



July 31, 2006
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