$300 Million Jackpot Reaches Near Record; Lottery Promotes Responsible Play

DENVER – The Powerball jackpot is $300 million for the drawing on Wednesday, Feb. 15, just shy of its $340 million record. With a cash value of approximately $145.7 million, it is the third largest in the history of the game.


“Our retail outlets usually see an increase in ticket sales as the jackpot steadily increases and the excitement for the game continues to build,” said Peggy Gordon, director of the Colorado Lottery. “Yet, we encourage players to play responsibly and play within their means.”


The odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 146 million, and the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 37.


Although Colorado has yet to have a Powerball winner, 54,020 players won prizes, ranging from $3 to $40,000 in the Saturday drawing, held Feb. 11. These winners matched at least the Powerball or a combination of the numbers. Many of the players chose the Power Play option, which multiplied their winnings four times.


Colorado Powerball players have won more than $84 million since 2001. The average Powerball jackpot is $35 million, and the record Powerball jackpot is $340 million.


The proceeds from the sale of Powerball tickets are given back to communities across the state through projects such as new trails, parks, recreation facilities, wildlife projects and open spaces. Since Powerball began, the total contribution from the game to proceeds recipients has totaled more than $139 million.  



February 14, 2006
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