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You can enjoy all the benefits of being a Colorado Lottery retailer. Just download and complete our Retailer Licensing forms and you'll be on your way to making bigger profits!

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Become a Retailer!

It Pays to Play. It Really Pays to Sell.
Everybody knows you can win big playing the Lottery, but did you know that some of our biggest winners are actually our retail partners? Our retailers earn an average of approximately $13,000* a year selling Lottery games. For a business like yours, the Lottery is much more than a fun way to play -- it’s a great way to profit. Our retail network includes approximately 3,000 businesses all over the state.

How Much Money Can You Earn?
While annual profits vary from one retailer to the next, our retailers earn an average of more than $11,400 a year from selling Lottery games. Plus, every ticket sold increases your chance of selling a winning ticket.  You can earn bonuses of $200 to $50,000 for selling Jackpot game top prizes, plus bonuses for select Scratch games. Further, meeting performance goals entitles you to bonus awards paid yearly.

Scratch games commissions - 7 percent.

Jackpot games commissions - 6 percent.

Cashing Bonus - 1 percent. 

Performance BonusRetailers can earn up to an additional 1% commission on all Jackpot game sales if compliant with RAISE plan elements for an entire fiscal year.

When Players Win, So Do You!

Game Prize Level Your Bonus
Powerball / Mega Millions Jackpot Winner $50,000
Powerball / Mega Millions 5 of 6 with Power Play or Megaplier $ 3,000
Powerball / Mega Millions 5 of 6 without Power Play or Megaplier $ 2,000
Lotto Jackpot $ 5,000
Cash 5 Jackpot $    200
Scratch Select games' prizes $250 - $25,000

You Can Make Some Dough!

Business Category Average Yearly Earnings*
Supermarket $ 23,800
Convenience Store $ 15,800
Other ** $ 7,500
Tobacco $ 6,300
Grocery $ 5,880
Liquor $ 4,600
Bowling Alley $ 4,200
Bar / Restaurant $ 5,000

*  Rates vary among retailers. Numbers are based on average sales commission and bonuses for a Colorado Lottery retailer earning 7 percent.

** "Other" includes bowling alleys, mass merchandisers, truck stops and miscellaneous business categories.