Upcoming Meetings

The Colorado Lottery Stakeholders Group will hold a meeting on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the Pueblo Lottery Headquarters Office, 225 N. Main Street, Pueblo, Colorado.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m.  The meeting will also be available by phone and the number will be available by request.

If you plan to attend the meeting in person or by phone, please notify one of the individuals below by Monday, November 12, 2018 to provide additional details for joining. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for persons with disabilities.

Drawing Manager - Juslena Trujillo at 719-546-5318 or
Executive Assistant - Trisha Macias at 719-546-5232 

Rule 1 and Rule 5 Modifications

In an effort to revise all current Colorado Lottery Rules, the following rules have been updated to include the modifications listed below. 

This endeavor requires the rules to be divided into multiple phases to successfully complete all Colorado Lottery Rules. The following rules comprise of the second of five (at minimum) phases in this project.  


  • Definition added for Key Employee and updates made to Advance Play, Immediate Family, and Promotional Drawing Guidelines.
  • Updates made to section 1.3.3 Persons Ineligible to Purchase Tickets.


  • Rules layout has been changed to comply with Secretary of State recommended template.
  • Rules have been reorganized to have consistent numbered headers and names.
  • Outdated information has been removed.
  • Added definitions for Second-Chance Drawing Guidelines, Instant Scratch Drawing Guidelines, and Instant Scratch Game Guideline.
  • Removed definitions where the word was not used within the Rule.
  • Removed sections that now reside in Rule 1.

Business Governance

Rules Management and Procedures 

Pending Rules

None at this time. 

Governing Rules

General Rules


Rule 1: General Definitions  Rule 5: Scratch Games 
Rule 2: Licensing  Rule 10: Jackpot Games 
Rule 4: License Revocation  Rule 10A: Lotto 
Rule 7: Ethics  Rule 10B: Pick 3 
Regulatory Agenda  Rule 10D: Cash 5 
Social Media Drawing Rules  Cash 5 10E EZ Match 
Social Media Policy  Rule 14: Multi-State Online 
Rule 14A: Powerball 
Rule 14B: Powerball with Power Play 
Rule 14C: Mega Millions 
Rule 14D: Mega Millions with Megaplier 
Rule 14E: Lucky for Life