Congrats to Timothy Owens!

Let It Ride
To Benefit Lydia Tillman

Colorado Lottery Retailer, Timothy Owens, owner of Old Town Liquor in Fort Collins, CO, decided that 11-11-11 might be his lucky day so he decided to purchase 11 Lottery tickets. The next day he checked his tickets and discovered he’d won $7. Still feeling lucky – he purchased seven more Lottery tickets and decided to LET IT RIDE. This time one of the Scratch tickets ended up being a $500 winner!

Timothy decided that he wanted to help some people with the money. Timothy has already raised $5,000 for Lydia Tillman, the Fort Collins woman who miraculously survived a vicious assault by Trevor Forbes, during a benefit at his Liquor store.

“She needs more help,” said Owens. “She is out of work indefinitely.”

Owens plans on helping Lydia with the money and also wants to help local at risk youth with an Advocacy group.

“I thought I would purchase 100 more tickets for each cause, basically ‘let it ride’ to see if it will be lucky,” he said. 

What cause would you choose to “LET IT RIDE?”

Timothy Owens