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It's Easy to Play Pick 3!

Pick Your Numbers
Select three numbers from 0 through 9. The numbers selected can be three separate numbers or may be duplicated in a single play. For example: '537' or '009' or '339'. You can win more when you play two duplicate numbers rather than unique numbers on an Any Order bet type!

Bet Types - Odds of Winning - Prize Amounts Table

You can also simply ask for a QP (Quick Pick) and the terminal will generate your numbers for you.

Select Your Bet Type

Exact Order To win, your numbers must be drawn in the exact order played.
Any Order You win if your numbers are drawn in any order.
Exact Order + Any Order You win if your numbers are drawn in any order - or your numbers are drawn in exact order.
Front Pair To win, the first and second numbers you select must be drawn in the first and second positions.
Back Pair To win, the second and third numbers you select must be drawn in the second and third positions.

Buy Your Ticket
Ticket buyers must be at least 18. Tickets are available at most Colorado retailers.

You can place a $.50 wager for the following bet types or increase your bet from $.50 to $1.00 to double your winnings.

Exact Order
Any Order
Front Pair
Back Pair

You can place only a $1.00 wager for the following bet type:

Exact Order + Any Order

Play Multiple Drawings
Purchase up to 4 weeks (28 drawings) in advance with Advance Play. Just check the Advance Play box on the Playslip or ask your retailer for it. You'll play the same numbers for all drawings.

Check Your Winnings
Have winning numbers sent to your cell phone or email address: sign up for MyLottery. Enter your email address in the 'Get Alerts' field on the bottom left side of this page. Winning numbers are also available from retailers, local newspapers, on the late news on some television stations, and right here!

Use an EZ Playslip

Use the EZ Playslip if you like the simplicity of wagering on Exact Order and/or Any Order or Exact Order + Any Order bet types, only.

Use the Complete Playslip

For all bet types, use the Pick 3 Complete Playslip. It gives you all of the bet type options.