Jul 27, 2020

Governor Polis will kick-off the first-ever hackathon for new game development as Colorado re-imagines the Lottery. GameJam will run July 31- Aug. 9, with cash prizes.

It’s a GameJam! The Colorado Lottery is opening its digital doors to local and global technology developers to participate in the first-ever game development hackathon. The goal of the virtual event is to create new Lottery games that will excite and entertain a new, broad and diverse group of Coloradans to engage them in supporting the great outdoors and schools.  

Innovating with partners ETHDenver, Chainlink, and IGT, participants of GameJam will create and pitch their proposed new game for a chance to win a top prize of $10,000, with a second prize of $5,000 and a $2,500 third prize. Also, there is a separate, additional prize category, sponsored by ETHDenver and Chainlink that will be awarded for games that both meet the original guidelines and are completed using using Web3. Web 3.0 is an evolution in the underlying infrastructure of the Internet, where applications run on top of decentralized networks that allows peer-to-peer services, data ownership by users, and trustless guarantees. The additional prizes are 1st place $5,000, 2nd place $2,500, and 3rd place $1,000. 

Marking the Lottery’s first-ever public private partnership and hackathon, these critical partnerships are helping connect the Lottery with the global talent in the Web3 community to collaborate to develop new game prototypes. Organizations can contact the Lottery at gloria.reiter@state.co.us if they would like to be an additional sponsor and add to the prizes. 

Registration is open to developers from Colorado and across the globe. Participants can register HERE. Registration will remain open until 8 p.m. Friday, July 31.

By re-imagining its game offerings, the Lottery hopes to appeal to more adult Coloradans of diverse ages and backgrounds. By using technology to draw in more players, the Lottery can reach its $1 billion revenue goal to fund outdoor recreation, land conservation and schools in Colorado, along with its commitment to responsible gaming.  

“With a digital technology company launched every 72 hours in our state, Colorado is home to a cornucopia of talent and dynamic developers that creates rich soil for innovation,” said Tom Seaver, director of the Colorado Lottery. “We are excited to leverage the creativity of these local resources and innovation from around the globe to create new game ideas, all to support our beneficiaries.”  

The State of Colorado was the first government to sponsor a hackathon track nationally at the ETHDenver BUIDLathon in February of this year.  

“Last year we launched Colorado Digital Services to begin developing critical public-private technology relationships to position our state government as a tech leader, but more importantly to better serve our population through technology,” said Governor Jared Polis.  

“The Lottery’s GameJam is our most recent shining example of another ‘first’ for Colorado,” said Lu Córdova, executive director of the Department of Revenue. “This event demonstrates how our state is in the middle of a digital evolution to make the state of Colorado the most tech-forward state in the country, while supporting our schools and the great outdoors.” 

The Colorado Lottery hackathon will kick-off with a virtual opening ceremony on Friday, July 31 at 6 p.m. Media is welcome. View launch video HERE.

When: July 31, 6 - 8 p.m.

Where: https://zoom.us/j/97049489094

What: Participants will learn the parameters and guidelines for the competition.

Who: Colorado Lottery’s director Tom Seaver, ETHDenver, Chainlink, and IGT will discuss the inspiration for the GameJam and how the prototypes will be used to develop one or more new games. View Tom Seaver's remarks HERE.

VIP Guest Speakers: 

  • Governor Jared Polis will welcome participants and discuss how the Lottery’s GameJam fits into the state’s vision to reimagine government. View Governor Polis' remarks HERE.

  • Lu Córdova, Executive Director of the Department of Revenue, will explain how digital transformation is being applied to everyday services. View Director Cordova's remarks HERE.

  • Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder of Ethereum, will talk about the future of money in mainstream business. View his remarks during the opening ceremony HERE.


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