Jul 29, 2017

The Lottery will give the City of Greeley a Starburst Award this month.

A new all-inclusive playground in Greeley was designed for kids of all ages and all abilities.

The City of Greeley will receive a Lottery Starburst Award for utilizing Lottery proceeds to create the Aven’s Village playground within Island Grove Regional Park. The playground project, completed in December 2016, was made possible with a Lottery-funded grant of $327,250 from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

The award will be presented at Aven’s Village playground on Monday, July 31 at 2:30 pm.

Aven’s Village was created for children of all abilities to play, learn, interact, and have fun. The park is named after 8 year-old Aven Mondy, who has Cerebral Palsy and wanted a place where she could play outside with her brother. The playground includes multiple slides, a Sway Fun swing, a play panel, and a sand pit; all of which are ADA and wheelchair accessible. The play area offers a mix of sensory, social, and physical activities that allows children of various needs and abilities to play alongside each other.

The Colorado Lottery Starburst Awards recognize excellence in the use of Lottery proceeds in community projects implemented to enhance a community’s environment.

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