Share Jackpot Game Numbers

We've created these banners to make it easy to report winning numbers for our Jackpot games: Powerball, Mega Millions, Colorado Lotto Plus, Cash 5, and Pick 3. Post them on your website and blog! There are three easy-to-place sizes (728x90, 300x250, 200x400). Choose the size that works best for your needs.

Each banner has five frames, all displaying individual game information. Frames automatically rotate until the user selects a game tab. Each banner features automatically scrolling game information including winning numbers, jackpot amount and drawing date. It also provides information on games' upcoming draw date with estimated jackpot amounts.

Banners are easy to navigate and allow users to click through to the Lottery's website for more information. All banners are easy to place. Just place the code of the specific widget you want directly on your website or blog.

728(w) x 90(h)

Embed Code: <iframe src="" height="90" width="728"></iframe>

300(w) x 250(h)

Embed Code: <iframe src="" height="250" width="300"></iframe>

200(w) x 400(h)

Embed Code: <iframe src="" height="400" width="200"></iframe>