With Over $30 Million Radical Prizes!

This bad-to-the-bone Scratch game offers over $8 million in cash prizes of $100 and above, and three totally gnarly top instant prizes of $1,000,000 and four awesome $100,000 instant prizes. And, you can win up to 30 hellacious times on one ticket. It's the bomb!

Dudes and dude-ettes, this game is bangin'. Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any WINNING NUMBER and you'll win the prize shown for that number. Holy shiz nits, if you get a 10X symbol you'll win 10 TIMES the prize shown. Get a 20X symbol and win 20 TIMES the prize shown! Get a money bag symbol, and you'll win $10 instantly. It's totally to the max, man!

Way Too Cool Cuz' You Get a Second Chance to Win a Million!

Take a chill pill if you don't win instantly cuz' this is the most rippin' second-chance drawing you'll ever enter. Enter your non-winning tickets and you'll have another chance to win $1,000,000. Just enter the 22-digit code located beneath the scratch-off coating on your ticket in the second-chance drawing area of our website.

Or... you can use your smartphone (whoa... what's that, right?) to scan the barcode and be automatically entered. Download it today! 


Entries Accepted: Feb. 5, 2018, 6 a.m.

Entry Deadline: TBD

Drawing Date: TBD

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Enter a Second-Chance Drawing!

Don't spoil a Second Chance by throwing your ticket away! From theater packages and vacations to million-dollar prizes, you could win big in one of our Second-Chance drawings with your non-winning ticket.

We offer Second-Chance Drawings on select Scratch games. To find out which games offer a second chance, look at the instructions on the back of the ticket. Check the list of all current drawings for promotional drawings, too! (We do not offer second-chance drawings for our Jackpot games at this time.)

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