Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Enter to win a Colorado Rockies VIP Experience and watch the Rockies play the Pittsburg Pirates on Saturday, June 15th at Coors Field. 

The VIP Experience includes four lower-level tickets to the game (including parking) and throwing the ceremonial first pitch. You'll also receive autographed memorabilia! It's an experience that you'll never forget!

Second and third place winners will receive tickets to the June 15th game, too! The second and third place prize winners will receive a pair of lower-level tickets (including parking), and a Lottery prize pack. 

Just answer the question to enter. One entry per email address. 


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Featured Entries

  • “Hot dog”

    By Betty M.

  • “Rocky Mountain Oysters”

    By David R.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By John P.

  • “Classic hot dog always.”

    By Kristine Z.

  • “Polidori sausage sandwich.”

    By Mark S.

  • “Sunflower seeds for a snack. Chili cheese dog for a meal.”

    By Elizabeth S.

  • “Cracker jacks”

    By Kevin A.

  • “Nachos”

    By AMANDA S.

  • “Hotdog and tequila from Casamigos sky desk”

    By Angela B.

  • “All Beef Frank”

    By Tia P.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Steven K.

  • “Made to order gourmet Helton burgers”

    By Holly F.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Karry M.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Matt H.

  • “Hot Dog!!!”

    By Michael R.

  • “hot dog”

    By Jan W.

  • “I coney style hot dog.”

    By Ken S.

  • “Pierna de pavo y Hot dog”

    By Blanca M.

  • “Nachos”

    By Joanne K.

  • “Hotdogs and popcorn!”

    By Ricky H.

  • “Rocky dog”

    By Laura C.

  • “Nachos!! But really all of it. 😊”

    By Crystal M.

  • “Hot Dogs”

    By John M.

  • “Better Off Vegan Burger and the Tahini Milkshake”

    By Barry G.

  • “Hotdogs and Nachos”

    By Jessica W.

  • “All foods”

    By Aguilar

  • “Hot dog”

    By Faraz j.

  • “Hotdog and a beer :)”

    By Lauren L.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Cita

  • “Popcorn, lemonade and nachos”

    By Laurie G.

  • “Green Chilli cheese fries”

    By Meri F.

  • “Definitely a hot dog. But It's hard to pass up helmet ice cream!”

    By Kyle D.

  • “Dog and fries of course”

    By Jason R.

  • “At least one of has to have the all time favorite, hot dog and cracker jacks. But there is always the adventurous one who wants to try the newest thing out there. The food almost takes center stage, but we all show up in our purple shirts and our Colorado loyalty to the Rockies, YEAH team!!”

    By Barbara L.

  • “Pretzel w cheese”

    By Rebecca s.

  • “Coors light”

    By Jeremy L.

  • “Hot Dogs”

    By Steve D.

  • “Hot dogs and Links”

    By Paul P.

  • “Hotdogs”

    By Jean G.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Danielle P.

  • “Definitely hot dogs!”

    By Teresa W.

  • “Hotdogs”

    By John G.

  • “Pretzels”

    By Clarissa P.

  • “Rockdog”

    By Leon R.

  • “Bratwurst!”

    By maria h.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Brittany l.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Victor D.

  • “Hot dog with a side of popcorn”

    By Emilee D.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Charles C.

  • “Hot dogs!”

    By Michael W.

  • “My favorite food to eat is the "Colorado Rockies, Rocky Dog!"! I like popcorn too!! Take me out to the ballgame!!🎵🎶🎵🎼💜💜”

    By Bernadette T.

  • “Hot Dogs of course!”

    By Sarah P.

  • “Nachos, extra jalapeños!”

    By RUSS C.

  • “Rocky Dog”

    By Anthony C.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Michelle H.

  • “My favorite food to eat at the ballpark is the fancy hot dogs in the club level. Since I haven’t had them in years (it’s been a long time since sitting in club level), nachos are my favorite!”

    By Heather B.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Carl P.

  • “Nachos”

    By Luis S.

  • “Cracker jacks and hot dog.”

    By Luis F.

  • “Pulled pork Mac and cheese”

    By Lisa F.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Joe M.

  • “Cheese pretzels”

    By Charles M.

  • “Nachos”

    By Richard M.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Fredrick S.

  • “Loaded Nachos”

    By Marcelina C.

  • “Anything and everything.”

    By Derrick P.

  • “hot dogs of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    By louise g.

  • “beer and brats”

    By sally m.

  • “Soft pretzel with cheese.!”

    By Jane L.

  • “Nachos”

    By RICKY D.

  • “Hotdogs of course!”

    By Devin T.

  • “Rockie Dog!”

    By Tad S.

  • “Nachos”

    By Clint F.

  • “hot dogs”

    By LINDA M.

  • “Would t be a ball game without a hot dog!! Tradition!”

    By Lori z.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Carol H.

  • “Twizzlers!”

    By Matthew B.

  • “Pizza”

    By Raymond

  • “Pretzel”

    By Chip H.

  • “Nachos”

    By Gerald B.

  • “I'm open to trying any food at the park! Every flavor is a delight to my taste buds. But if I had to choose, the bacon-wrapped cheddar dog offers the perfect fusion of flavors, truly embodying the best of all worlds!”

    By Nicole T.

  • “Toxic Nachos Babyyyyyy”

    By Christopher J.

  • “hot dogs!!!”

    By Candi G.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Judi K.

  • “Hotdog”

    By Stephanie P.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Andrew E.

  • “A ball park frank (hot dog)!!”

    By Ryan H.

  • “Hotdogs and Nachos”

    By Tanya P.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Casey m.

  • “The buttered popcorn 100% every time!”

    By melinda f.

  • “Cheeseburger, Fries, Shake”

    By Max M.

  • “The Monster Nachos and the berry kabobs”

    By Rebecca L.

  • “Hotdogs”

    By Adriana S.

  • “Salted pretzel”

    By Edward G.

  • “Popcorn”

    By William D.

  • “Hot dog or loaded nachos”

    By Leah A.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Derrick U.

  • “Bacon wrapped cheddar dog from Biker Jim’s”

    By Pat C.

  • “I love the hot dogs and a cold beer. Pretty much the only time I eat a dog. Love the peanuts too”

    By Kevin L.

  • “Hotdog and Fries with Milkshake Nachos”

    By Bridget G.

  • “"Churros"”

    By Mark C.

  • “Nachos”

    By Mark s.

  • “Tacos! De Barbacoa !”

    By Margaro S.

  • “Of course hot dogs!!”

    By Tracy B.

  • “hot dogs”

    By Veronica M.

  • “Hot Dogs”

    By Christopher S.

  • “Giant 🌭 HOT DOGS!”

    By Debra A.

  • “Hot Dogs”

    By Daneen C.

  • “Hot dogs of course!”

    By Ronald S.

  • “Hot dog and nachos”

    By Patricia B.

  • “Hilton burger!!!!”

    By Bonnie W.

  • “Hot Dogs!”

    By John F.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Sean H.

  • “Nachos”

    By Stephen M.

  • “Chicago dogs yum”

    By Kim W.

  • “Hot Dogs!”

    By Ray B.

  • “Foot long hotdog”

    By Nicole H.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Daniel R.

  • “Hot Dog”

    By Rebecca H.

  • “Beer”

    By Jayne W.

  • “Hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, ice cream”

    By Peggy W.

  • “Hot dog popcorn”

    By Carol G.

  • “Good old hotdog, ice cold beer and dipping dots. It’s My wife, kids and my tradition. Well the kids not the beer but the hotdogs and dipping dots.”

    By Brian T.

  • “Rockies dog”

    By Kimberly L.

  • “Hot Dog”

    By Darryl W.

  • “Hot Dogs and Pretzels.”

    By Alvis G.


    By Nick s.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By David H.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Troy D.

  • “Hotdog or Brat with grilled onions and a beer”

    By Keith M.

  • “HOT DOGS!”

    By TOMMY S.

  • “hot dogs”

    By Janie R.

  • “Hotdogs and a soda.”

    By Cynthia T.


    By Brian S.

  • “Brats and nachos”

    By Lori T.

  • “Cheeseburger or hotdogs”

    By Kevin M.

  • “Hotdogs and beer.”

    By Rogelio G.

  • “hot dog and a beer”

    By daniel n.

  • “Nachos and beer”

    By Stephanie B.

  • “I love a good ol’ stadium hot dog with a cup full of ice and a Pepsi to top it off!!! 😋”

    By Kiana M.

  • “Pretzel and cheese”

    By Larz B.

  • “Hot Dog - they just taste special at the park!”

    By MARYJO H.

  • “Nachos 😋 and a soda pop”

    By Ashley D.

  • “Hot dogs and a cold beer.”

    By Chester M.

  • “Hot dogs and fries!”

    By Jeannie C.

  • “hotdog”

    By paul s.

  • “Nachos”

    By Beatrice G.

  • “Pretzels”

    By Kortney w.

  • “hot dogs”

    By greg v.

  • “Hotdogs!”

    By Sherri R.

  • “Rocky Mountain Oysters”

    By Mattie B.

  • “Pretzel”

    By Dianna W.

  • “Hot dogs and strawberry lemonade”

    By Brandilyn C.

  • “Brats!!”

    By Roberto M.

  • “Milepost Zero”

    By Pedro A.

  • “Hot dogs!”

    By Kathryn H.

  • “Hotdogs”

    By Cindy s.

  • “Hot Dogs.”

    By Scott M.

  • “Hotdog”

    By Ryan S.

  • “a Hot Dog”

    By Veronica D.

  • “Peanuts & Cracker Jack”

    By Heather S.

  • “Hot dogs and nachos for the win, someyimes a good soft pretzel”

    By Elena S.

  • “My favorite food to eat at the ballpark is hot dog and cracker jack.”

    By ROSA I.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Denise F.

  • “Not really sure, I have never been to a Colorado Rockies game before, but it sounds amazing.”

    By Kristin O.

  • “Hot dogs & fries”

    By Jesscilla u.

  • “Rockies Dawg”

    By Brian M.

  • “I am partial to a brat or hot dog”

    By James V.

  • “Never been to one before.”

    By Amy M.

  • “hot dog”

    By Wayne R.

  • “Hotdogs, popcorn, sunflower seeds, and BBq”

    By Gerald J.

  • “Hot dogs!”

    By Clint P.

  • “Peanuts”

    By Patricia R.

  • “Churros!!”

    By Jessica M.

  • “Hot dogs”

    By Beverly c.

  • “Hot dogs...ofcourse”

    By KARL R.

  • “Hot Dogs!”

    By Michelle S.

  • “nachos”

    By Suzanne M.

  • “Purple margaritas”

    By Virginia C.

  • “Bratwurst”

    By Udo G.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Deana L.

  • “Hotdogsy”

    By Carl A.

  • “Hot dog and hamburgers. Pretzels with cheese.”

    By Lorinda K.

  • “Bratwurst 🌭 with mixed peppers 🫑 and onions 🧅 side of fries 🍟 and a drink 🥃”

    By Justine M.

  • “Rocky Mountain Oyster”

    By Donna D.

  • “Hot dogs with chill”

    By Eddie P.

  • “Cheesesteak!”

    By Dakotah S.

  • “Brats, nachos and lemonade.”

    By Selina M.

  • “Hotdogs 🌭”

    By Darryl H.

  • “Sunflower seeds and peanuts”

    By Brandy D.

  • “Hot Dogs 🌭 & Peanuts 🥜”

    By Christina O.

  • “Nachos”

    By Scott V.

  • “A cheeseburger”

    By Diana G.

  • “Hot dog”

    By Ray R.

  • “Nachos”

    By doug w.

  • “The Rockie Dog!”

    By Casey J.

  • “Hot dogs , tacos”

    By Jesus .

  • “Ice cream”

    By Diane S.

  • “Hot dogs, of courst”

    By Steven W.

  • “Cinnamon pretzel twist!”

    By Chelsea H.

  • “Colorado Dog”

    By Kelly K.

  • “pizza”

    By Darnell O.

  • “Hot dogs and nachos.”

    By Veronica L.

  • “Hot dogs!!”

    By Duane G.

  • “hot dogs”

    By Bowen S.

  • “Hotdogs”

    By Lisa L.

  • “Liquid diet....beer”

    By Martin C.

  • “Pretzels”

    By Sky H.

  • “hot dog/mustard, pickles. cold beer.”

    By Steven R.

  • “Rockir dog!”

    By randall z.